Free ‘Expression’ Shoot | Wednesday 11th December 2013

Hey hey!

I bring good tidings in the run up to christmas.  Today I have decided to give away three free expression shoots in order to expand the portfolio.  Are you an artist, actor, musician or in the entertainment business and based in London?  Is yours one of those expressive faces that captures random emotion?

What is an expression shoot might you ask?  Well, you turn up, sit on the stool, and you explore your facial expressions in front of the camera. 

It’s up to you to find your way to me, so no expenses paid, but you do get some high resolution retouched black and white images shot professionally by me.

I’ll be shooting in slots of up to one hour on Wednesday 11th.  Send me a picture and a little bit about yourself and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Images will be back with you after christmas and can be used for use in a portfolio or online marketing for your business only.  They may not be relicensed to other companies, magazines, news agencies without prior permission.  A licence fee may apply if so.


Newcastle Upon-Tyne and Northumberland, July 2013

I took my girlfriend up to my hometown back in July.  It was the first time I’d experienced the city as a tourist.  It was an interesting experience, we seldom stop to appreciate the things that are closest to us.  My mother is proud of the North East and it’s heritage, so was keen to drive us out to the Northumberland Coast.

In an hour or so we were out by Bamburgh Castle on the Northumberland coastal route.  It has a spectacular view with a beach sitting right beneath an old castle.  There can’t be many places in the world with views such as these.  The funny thing was that I never took the time to appreciate the North East when I was living there.  I couldn’t get out fast enough.  Yet as you come back and view it in the eyes of a tourist it’s a wholly different experience.

The choices we make are odd sometimes.  


Il Tevere e la Basilica di San Pietro (Tiber and Sain Peter’s Basilica)

Rome was a fascinating city.  The colour pallet of the city is still vivid in my imagination some months on.


Business Headshots, Wellcome Trust 2013

I worked on some simple portraits with the Wellcome Trust so as to update their employee database.  I was fortunate enough to have a lovely set of charismatic sitters.  Turns out the majority of them have a doctorate, lucky chaps!


Piazza del Quirinale

At the end of a long day we eventually ended up in the Piazza Del Quirinale, the Italian version of Buckingham Palace.  The building in the background was our destination, the Gallerie del Quirinale that was hosting the Titian (Tiziano Vecelli) exhibition.